European Sacred Law School 2019

European Sacred Law School - study of the 30 Sacred Laws. During our week together in this third year we will explore the North Sacred Laws: 1) The Fourth Universal Law- 0-9 Law which explores our bottom-line principles and other concepts 2) The Fourth Magickal Law of Absolute Relativity which includes the wonderful Wealth Mesa teachings 3) The Fourth Ecological Balance Law- All Substances Breathe which includes how we can increase our inhale and exhale of beauty One of the most precious and wonderful aspects of Sacred Law School is that all levels of expertise and familiarity are welcome – everyone from first time toe-dippers and non-apprentices to advanced Sacred Pipe Carriers study and learn together. This makes a wonderful mix and some really interesting discussions and questions!

Place of Event:91605 Gallmersgarten - Dreamerslodge-Haus, Germany
Date21.05.2019 - 28.05.2019
FacilitatorClaudia “Sky Dancer” van Corva, Joerg “Crystal Sun Bear” van Corva
Contact PersonClaudia van corva

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